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Sacred Groves is a ministry of Main Street Church of Brigham City. We provide links that we think may be helpful to those who are searching for answers to difficult questions about mormonism and faith, as well as for people who are seeking to better understand the issues and challenges surrounding Mormonism. This is by no means an exhaustive list of the good resources that are out there.

We strive to provide links to reputable and respectful organizations and websites. However, we cannot monitor all the contents of all the websites, and we don't automatically endorse everything you might find on any of these websites.

Help for Questioning Mormons:

His Healing Now
H.I.S. Ministry
Mormons in Transition
Out of Mormonism

After LDS

Information & Research on Mormonism

Answers for Mormons (on Main Street Church website)
A Shield and Refuge Ministry (Mormon Fundamentalism)
Ex-Mormon Christians United for Jesus (Michael & Lynn Wilder)
Institute for Religious Research
LDS Video Encyclopedia
Missionary 911 (Video teaching series on how to talk with missionaries)
Mormon Missons Midwest Outreach
Mormonism Research Ministry
Truth In Love Ministry
Utah Lighthouse Ministry
Witnesses for Jesus

Other Mormonism-related television/video sites:

Ex-Mormon Files (Testimonies, Television program by Earl Erskine)
Missionary 911 (Video teaching series on how to talk with missionaries)

Polygamy: What Love Is This? (Television program by Doris Hanson)

Recommended Online Bible Resources:

Bible Gateway (Online Bible)
Bible Hub (Online Bible)

Other Recommended Websites:

Adam's Road (Christian Band featured in Unveiling Grace)
Unveiling Grace (The film's main web page)

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